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Our Standards

  • Cleanliness : (noun / the state or quality of being clean or being kept clean)

Grapewagon Custom Crush has an unwavering commitment to cleanliness. In addition to our facility being constantly spotless and organized, we partner with BevTrac, an independent company that comes in once a year and analyzes the facility.

  • Communication : (noun / the successful conveying or exchanging of information)

For all winery clients, we use InnoVint (, the leader in cloud-based winery management software. Using this software, our clients have the ability to submit Work Orders 24/7, check on real-time status of wine inventory, track and keep all lot chemistry, etc. It is full service from the moment your fruit arrives, all the way through bottling. Everything is just a click away, from either your desktop or mobile phone.

  • Camaraderie : (noun / mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together)

One of the most important aspects of our little facility, we have been known to be the ‘hub’ for morning coffee among the winemakers. Acting more like a ‘Think Tank’ than a large operations facility, our little winery environment is more for learning, networking, and making great wine, than staying out of the way of chaos. We’re more attuned to a Zen workplace than a bustling factory.


hands on approach


Our Equipment

  • P&L Specialties belt-driven 10’ sorting table

  • P&L Specialties incline

  • Puleo (Carlsen & Associates) Vega 10 Crusher / Destemmer

  • Puleo (Carlsen & Associates) 32 HL Bladder Press

  • Carlsen & Associates Basket Press

  • (4) 6-ton Fully-Jacketed Temp. Controlled SS Fermentors from WESTEC

  • Private Tasting Room

  • (6) 4-ton Fully-Jacketed Temp. Controlled SS Fermentors from DEFRANCESCHI

  • M48’s w/glycol fins

  • T-Bins

  • Temp. Controlled Barrel Room w/Humidifier System

  • Hot and Cold Glycol Stations throughout winery

  • InnoVint Winery Management Software available for all clients (cloud-based)


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Our Facility

  • Construction

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  • History

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